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In order to help you make an informed decision when making your Grand Piano purchase I would like to take a moment to explain the difference between a Premium and Promotional Grade Grand Piano.

I will explain the key elements to look for in deciding which Grand Piano is the best fit for you.

Contrary to what you might think you don’t want to go to the front of the piano and just look at the brand name. A lot of the brand name Grand Pianos that you would recognize make a Premium and a Promotional Grade Piano.

All major piano manufacturers make a premium grade and a promotional grade grand piano.
Promotional grade grand pianos have less features on them in order to lower the cost of the piano. With the reduction in features comes a reduction in the quality of your piano in terms of sound and durability.

Premium grade pianos have these features:

1. A wide tail German design for the back of the piano.
     a. This allows for more soundboard area which means a bigger sound.
2. Aliquot bar.
     a. A metal bar under the strings on the upper end of the piano.
     b. This creates harmonic overtones which give the piano tone a melodious, singing quality.
3. A 100% wet cast iron plate.
     a. Tapping on the support beams will give a deep “thud” sound.
     b. A 100% wet cast iron plate provides the best quality for the sound.
4. Thicker hard-rock maple inner and outer rim.
     a. The inner and outer rims are important to the structural integrity of the piano.
     b. Thicker rims produce better sound quality.
     c. Tuning will be more stable.
     d. The quality of the wood is better.

Promotional grade pianos are essentially the opposite for the four features just listed.

1. Narrow tail for the back of the piano.
     a. Less soundboard area which equals less sound.
2. No aliquot bar.
     a. Flatter, shorter tone with less harmonics.
3. A dry cast plate.
     a. Metallic overtones effecting sound quality.
4. Thinner inner and outer rims.
     a. Less structural integrity.
     b. Lower sound quality.

In most cases, a premium grade piano will provide a better piano playing experience. The quality of workmanship and materials is most often superior to that of a promotional grade piano.


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