14008-New Hallet Davis 5’7″ Premium Grade Grand Piano Signature Series Compare with Yamaha C2 or Kawai GX2


Rates The Hallet Davis Signature Series, Yamaha CX Series, Kawai GX Series and Boston (by Steinway & Sons) Grand Pianos all in the Group 3 Category of Upper Quality Consumer Grade Grand Pianos.

Group #3
Price Ranges $13,000-39,000
Yamaha (CX Series) ****
Hallet,Davis & Co (Boston) ****
Kawai: GX ****

The Hallet Davis Signature Series 5’7″ Grand is BHA’s #1 Selling Premium Grade Grand.

German Scale Design – European Quality
New Hallet Davis Signature Series  Grand Pianos is the result of German engineering and the highest quality materials. This 5’7” grand is a Premium Grade piano as opposed to a Promotional Grade instrument.See Video Below.

BHA 10 Year Parts and 10 Year Labor Warranty:
BHA guarantees this New Hallet Davis grand piano for 10 years parts and 10 years labor covering Everything except normal maintenance – like yearly tuning, or minor adjustment due to normal playing. This warranty would not apply to damage caused by extreme changes in temperature or humidity, and any improper repairs or abuse of the piano. If you are an out of state buyer BHA Piano Center will arrange for your piano to be professionally serviced by the FINEST Piano Technicians Guild member in your local area. For more information for out of state buyers, go to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) tab at the top of our Home Page.

Compare with Yamaha C2 or Kawai GX2" /> Compare with Yamaha C2 or Kawai GX2" />

Listen to Greg play this fantastic piano!


This is BHA’s #1 Selling Premium Grade Baby Grand!

The fantastic tone, touch and performance this new Signature Series Hallet Davis 5’7″ Grand Piano is the result of German engineering and the highest quality materials. This 5’7” grand is a Premium Grade piano as opposed to a Promotional Grade instrument. Premium Grade pianos feature a Duplex Scale and Aliquot Bar, solid Sitka spruce soundboard, hard rock maple bridges, hard Maple rim, and Slow Close fallboard. Promotion grade pianos are missing most of these components and, as a result, are lacking in sound, performance and reliability when compared to a Premium Grade piano.

ACTION: (hammers, keys, shanks, dampers, flanges, whippens) op quality German components include German Hammers and Roslau strings. Upon arrival and set up at BHA Piano Center, our Master Technicians do a complete inspection of the instrument and check all technical specifications including touch and regulation and concert tune the piano to A-440. The touch is firm, responsive, precise and balanced. A must play piano!

BELLY: (soundboard, pin block, bridges) The soundboard is made of costly select Sitka spruce – the same material used in the finest acoustic instruments in the world. The bridges and 19 ply Pin block, again, are made of the finest hardwoods. The rim is constructed of the highest quality Hard Rock Maple

CASE: The classic stunning polished ebony case with beveled lid will make a statement in any décor. The Hallet Davis dedication to beauty shines through.

TONE: The distinctive tone of the Hallet Davis Signature Series has been described as beautiful, satisfying, rich and balanced. You will think you are playing a much larger instrument when you play this grand. The registers all work together – from the deep rich bass, to a beautiful tenor register, topped off by a bell like treble. Everything a well built and designed baby grand should do – in anticipation of decades of musical pleasure to come.

Important Information:

DELIVERY AND SETUP: - With over 800 grand pianos delivered nationwide in the last 12 years, BHA will professionally deliver and set up your piano using our finest piano delivery service. Note - BHA Piano Center cannot deliver certain new pianos in some areas of the USA due to dealer/manufacturer agreements.

TUNING AND WARRANTY: - BHA Piano center will arrange and pay for one free in home tuning by a certified member of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) in your area. The Parts and Labor Warranty covers everything but normal maintenance and is included at no charge.

INDEPENDENT INSPECTION: - We invite all of our customers to hire an Independent Piano Technician for an honest and thorough independent evaluation of any of our pianos prior to buying. Two excellent independent technicians in the Dayton area are Hal Harris (937-236-8428) and Michael Keener (937-248-3221). With over 30 years’ experience, both technicians are independent contractors, separate from BHA Piano Center, as well as being professional musicians. You may also contact the Piano Technicians Guild (www.ptg.org) using our zip code (45402) for an independent technician.

  • • 65 Years in business since 1949
  • • Over 800 grand pianos delivered nationwide in the past 12 years
  • • A+ Rating Better Business Bureau (member for 60 years)

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