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Out of State Testimonials

BHA Piano Center has professionally delivered over 800 pianos to our customers out of state. Here you will find testimonials from our customers. We are here to serve you! Please contact us with any questions.

The staff at BHA was extremely helpful! On top of being knowledgeable, they sincerely want to help you choose a piano that is right for you. I live in Rochester, NY and flew into Dayton for the morning to see the pianos. They had a special room with all the pianos that I was interested in plus others in the size I was looking for. I was able to spend as much time playing the pianos as I needed to make my choice. Their delivery crew was very professional and easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend buying your piano from BHA. It was worth traveling out-of-town to buy a piano.
Teresita P.
Rochester, N.Y.


I have received the piano and have palyed it for a week now. I want to thank you, your dad and Greg Norrad. The piano is everythoing and more. Your website is superb as well as highly informative. BHA Piano’s was the greatest find for me. So glad I had stumbled across your website. I will highly recommend you website and facility to everyone I know of that is search of a piano from spinet to full grands.

Awesome job to one and all

With a HUGE Thank you to the entire staff

Charles T.

Our family recently bought a Hailun upright piano which within a year we upgraded to a Hailun baby grand. Both times we bought, BHA provided a great piano-buying experience, allowing our family to play any of the pianos in their substantial inventory. There was never any pressure to buy and the prices beat every other retailer we visited by a wide margin. The Hailun pianos represented a great deal of value for the price so we decided to upgrade to a grand sooner than we had originally anticipated. In addition to the excellent buying experience, we were also very happy with the professionalism of the piano movers as they brought our new “family member” to our home.

How has the piano worked out for us thus far? If anything, it has exceeded our expectations in terms of touch and tone. As far as BHA, we felt that the buying experience was actually enjoyable, which is not something you can always say with a big purchase. They kept their promises, responded quickly to any questions we had, and delivered to us exactly what we wanted.

Craig M.
Toledo, OH


Just wanted to say thank you for everything that you guys were able to do for us with the purchase of our Hailun…it is beautiful! We were simply blown away with your professionalism, honesty and pricing, hands-down, superior to any other piano retailer we had visited in Ohio. We look forward to years of beautiful music from our Hailun and trust that if we ever need to purchase another piano, or have to recommend anyone searching to buy, you will be the only ones we would consider. It was so worth the time in traveling down to Dayton!

The movers were awesome, amazing that they can work that fast!
Thanks again for all you have done! You guys are truly awesome!

Terry J.
Findlay, OH

I had the best experience imaginable with my piano purchase. I purchased a Yamaha C3-could not tell it have ever been played. My piano instructor could not believe it either. The guys moving it in had it in house, set up and were out in 45 mins. It was effortless. I doubt I will ever need another one but would buy again in a heartbeat.

Warren H.

We were very happy with the company and all their representatives with our purchase of our Weber baby grand. They were all very courteous and polite. Dealing with this company, we realized they had a vast knowledge of their products and were very honest and upfront with all their information. The delivery people would not leave until we were completely satisfied. And we’re still not sure how they got it through the door!!!!
Floyd and Karen N.

Late one night I stumbled upon your website which was featuring a beautiful 1930s vintage Steinway Model L at what seemed to be a very reasonable price. All my life I had dreamed of owning a Steinway…might this be my chance? The next day I drove from Indianapolis to try it out. Alas… It didn’t meet my expectations. Your dad pointed me to several other pianos of various makes, both new and rebuilt. I was very much taken by a Schimmel and another rebuilt Steinway that was still upstairs, but then he showed me the back room–where the big ones reside. And there I found it…a 1924 Steinway Model A-III, freshly rebuilt with Steinway parts. I know I sat there and played it for over an hour. It sounded and felt just like a Steinway is supposed to. I put down a deposit and came home to measure (and re-measure) my living room; it had never occurred to me that I could seriously entertain the notion of owning a piano that was nearly six and a half feet–and a Steinway at that! I returned to your website to inspect (and drool over) the video and photos of it that you had posted. When I came upon the close-up of the serial number, I nearly passed out…it was my birth date!! 229501 = 22 September 1950! (I see the final “1” as just a bonus!) That clinched it. That was indeed MY piano! I phoned your dad and arranged for delivery. Its arrival on 17 July 2007 remains one of the happiest days of my life!
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I am still in awe of your pricing. Not only was delivery free (and highly professional), but when I inquired about substituting an artist bench for the standard wooden one, you threw that in as well! To say nothing of the complimentary care kit and initial in-home tuning. And, as an out-of-state customer, I paid no sales tax! This piano has been the greatest bargain I could have ever hoped for. And it’s an even finer instrument today. I’ve had further voicing and regulating done by two of Indianapolis’ best technicians. Both have marveled at the quality of this piano. You made it possible for a lowly music educator to own a top-flight piano that would have otherwise been out of his reach. For that, I remain eternally grateful.
I pray that, in these exceptionally difficult times, you are able to stay afloat without undue hardship and sacrifice. It is heartening to see that you maintain your presence on the web. I have recommended–and will continue to recommend–your uncommonly fine service to colleagues, students, and anyone I encounter who’s in search of a fine piano at an exceptionally fair price. Thank you again!
Best regards,
Royce T.
Indianapolis, IN

I visited BHA Piano Center sometime in 2007 as I came across BHA’s extensive piano inventory by way of the Internet. I watched some of the videos in which the one gentleman would play the various pianos, which was really helpful, and got me very interested in a used Kawaii upright.

Being from Louisville, I combined a business trip to Cincinnati and headed north for a short jaunt to BHA’s showroom in Dayton. The demo videos on the web-site were impressive enough, but I was impressed even more when I walked into the showroom and was greeted by helpful and knowledgeable people who were not interested in making a quick sell. Bob Royer greeted me and showed me around and demonstrated the Kawai piano of interest. I was surprised to see many other pianos which were not shown on the web-site. Bob got a feel for my needs and opined that for the same amount of money or less, I would likely be happy with a brand new Weber upright piano.

I ended up purchasing a lovely 48” Weber upright and a very affordable price. I would have had interest in Weber pianos had I played one before but my local showroom did not have this upright in their inventory. BHA obviously stocked it. BHA was unbelievable with the level of post-order support of this piano. They sent out a tuner, member of the Piano Technician’s Guild, and an initial tuning was performed, as was a follow-up tuning a month later. This was included in the sale of the piano.

I was surprised when I had a bass string issue, requiring another visit by the tuner, and Bob had the tuner replace the string, tune the piano again and BHA covered all costs. I can’t say enough for the service and knowledge that these people offer. Kudos to BHA. I highly recommend them over any store I visited in Louisville and Cincinnati. The Steinway stores seemed to apply the pressure sales approach and you thankfully will not fall victim to such if you visit Bob Royer and the BHA Piano Center.

As for my piano, it has the rich and lush sound of a grand piano and my friends and family are more than impressed with the sound of the Weber upright. Two of my siblings play pianos on concert pianist level and they are jealous and always look to play the Weber when they visit my home.
-John M.
Louisville, KY

Our experience with BHA was very positive. The piano was exactly as advertised, and the details of payment and delivery were all handled very professionally. The instrument is a delight to have in our home. We will be back when it is time to purchase an instrument for our church.
Dr. Rick R.
Music Director, Broadmoor Presbyterian Church

We purchased our piano a year ago this April. I had been researching pianos for about 2 years before we purchased. The Hailun kept coming up as the best sounding piano for the price and gave much more expensive pianos a run for their money. This convinced us that we wanted to buy a Hailun.
BHA was the closest Hailun dealer to us. At first, I was leery of buying a piano that wasn’t through a local piano dealer however, after communicating via email and phone and then visiting your store, I was convinced that BHA was the only place I would go! It was such a great experience! You were very knowledgeable, honest and answered all of our questions without being high pressure. We got a beautiful piano for a GREAT price and the service has been excellent. You have always followed through on everything as promised and the delivery was flawless! We have already mentioned BHA to anyone that inquires about our piano and rave about our experience. We are so happy with our Hailun from BHA and will refer anyone looking for a piano to your store!


Melissa K.
Fort Wayne, IN

My husband and I live in North Carolina and went back to Ohio to visit our family and to look at BHA’s selection of pianos. We had looked at local piano stores in North Carolina and South Carolina and online but could not find the right piano. We purchased a Kawai console from BHA in the late sixties and had been very pleased with that piano. The Kawai piano travelled with our family several times from one coast to the other over the years and we never had any problems with it. My granddaughter in Ohio is currently using the piano and it is still sounds great and is in good shape and has had no major repairs!
After checking out BHA’s website and finding several pianos to look at we decided to stop at BHA on our next trip to see our family in Ohio. BHA had a large selection of new and used pianos in great condition compared to what we found on our previous searches. We purchased a Kawai RX-3 grand piano with a Piano Disc player. BHA had the piano delivered to our home in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina without a scratch. The Kawai RX-3 grand is over ten years old and is in great shape and has needed only minimal tuning!
We have had very good experiences with our BHA pianos and highly recommend BHA for your piano needs.
Chris and Art T. 
Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

I’m a repeat customer of BHA in Austin, Texas.
First order – Mason and Hamlin Model A Grand piano, Kawai 52″ Upright piano.
Second order – Steinway Model O (6′ Grand piano)
Several things helped me make my decision to buy the first time:
* Having videos of the piano was critical. I could see and hear the piano, which allowed me to compare sounds in my selection.
* Your piano prices make it very easy to purchase from you. Knowing the price is the best I could find anywhere more than compensates the fear of ordering a piano I haven’t played.
* Your delivery prices sealed the deal. By solving the cost and logistics of delivery for me, the purchase decision was much easier.
The reason I came back
* The previous purchase was easy.
* The pianos were accurate reflections of what I saw in the videos.
* The delivery was professional and fast.
* The price was still great.
— Ed


We never met. I only spoke with and met your
Dad, Bob. –Nice, smart, and helpful guy.
When I was shopping for a small grand piano two years
ago and given my budget, the essence of the choice then was
between buying from an individual a used good-name brand
instrument which was 10-20 years old but far out of factory
warranty verses buying from a reputable dealer a new-brand
and brand-new Hailun model with a 15 year warranty. I chose
the latter, and my entire family and I have been quite
happy with the choice ever since. The Hailun instrument sounds
and looks great!
Delivery was right on time, quick, and professional. (And
somehow they made the weather perfect that spring day too!
–Great for an added “wow” factor when the family came
home that evening.)
The in-home tuning was done a few weeks later. Mark
Ritchie did and has continued to do a fine job for us.
Had I bought an instrument from an individual, I would
have had to find my own delivery and tuning pros. By choosing
BHA, I also avoided both of these unknown risks.
Sean S.
Columbus, Ohio

I have been trying to think of an adequate way to express my thanks to you for my piano. Not only was it delivered exactly as I was told, it is perfect. Everything about the instrument speaks of quality; which is quite rare in the age that we are currently living. From the sales staff to the final delivery I was 100% satisfied. I shopped quite extensively before I purchased my piano and I am confident that I made the right selection.
Sharon K D.

“Buying a piano from BHA was one of the best decisions I ever made. The staff took the time to answer all of my questions and provided great insights and recommendations, on which brand/model would be best for me. Further, the delivery of the piano was timely and handled with the utmost professionalism. I would highly recommend BHA and they will be the first and only company I will turn to, for any future piano purchases.“
Jen D.

BHA is an awesome store!!!!!! The owners and the staff were all very friendly, and efficient. My purchase was not an easy one, as I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and my Piano had to travel over 5000 miles over land and sea to reach me. With the help of BHA, delivery crews and the Freight Forwarding Company my Piano reached me safe and sound within 3 weeks of leaving Dayton Ohio. My piano arrived neatly packed and crated with extra padding to keep my piano safe from damage. Since my purchase was done from thousands of miles away, I made my decision to purchase my Kawai piano based on many conversations over the phone and on line videos of my piano in action. The sound was so deep and full, I just knew that it was right for me.” I LOVE MY PIANO” I could not be happier. Thank you so much. 🙂 My advise to any future piano purchaser would be that they take there time in choosing a honest and reliable dealer as well as the piano that is just right for them. A piano is a big investment, and something that you will enjoy for years to come.


Laurie E.

I am extremely happy with the Yamaha C7 piano I purchased a couple of years ago From BHA. I was out of town but didn’t want this one to get away, so I bought it sight unseen; It was exactly as described. I actually made the decision to buy from this company a couple of years prior when I showed up one day and to my surprise, was encouraged to spend as much time as I wanted playing any piano in their large showroom without a salesperson following me around! I would recommend BHA to everyone looking for a quality piano at a great price.
Jeff W.
North Canton, Ohio

As first time piano buyers, but savvy e-commerce shoppers we contacted Bob & Brent Royer at BHA Pianos in Dayton Ohio and are we pleased that we did!
Our first introduction to BHA was via their web site. It is chock full of photos of the actual pianos that they deliver to your home. Pertinent and useful information is shared through their video explanations and demonstrations of the actual piano that you have in mind. What a super feature to be able to listen to and watch the instrument that you have in mind being played so that as a customer you can judge the sound and quality for yourself.
After studying their website in detail, as well as others, we called to asked specific questions relative to differences in levels of quality, various piano types, as well as service, warranty and delivery. Each question that we asked was answered clearly and confidently in a manor that was patient and professional, not hurried, demeaning or pressured to make a sale. This is our first piano purchase and a large ticket item so we had a lot of questions, including price and delivery, but they took all the time necessary to answer everything that we asked.
As cautious on-line buyers before we called back and ordered our piano we checked their BBB rating. Not surprisingly they have an A+ rating in customer satisfaction and service!
After considering BHA’s proposal, we were immediately e-mailed a signed quote, on their letterhead, that spelled out all of the terms and conditions and the delivery as well as warranty information. Who could ask for more?
A delivery timeframe was established and several weeks later the owner of the delivery company called to coordinate a specific delivery date with us. They followed up with calls to our cell phone a couple of days before the delivery and a couple of hours before they actually arrived so that we were not tied to the house all day waiting for the piano delivery. They showed-up with-in a half hour of their target time and had our piano in place within an hour of arrival. They were neat and clean and respected our home as if it was their own. The piano was delivered and set-up in showroom new condition and looks exactly as it did on their web site.
Bob & Brent are the real deal and BHA offers the most satisfying e-purchasing experience that we have come across in many years of shopping on the web. If you order an instrument from BHA Piano you can rest assured that you will receive exactly what you are expecting and will get what you are paying for!
Rod & Claire L.
Rockwall, Texas

I have to tell you that I love the piano that I purchased from you guys back in February of 2008. This piano is everything that you portrayed it to be online. And when I had a problem with it, you guys stepped and did everything that you said you would do. I have recommended your company to several of my friends and music minister friends. This piano is everything that I wanted in a Kawai grand. I teach piano three days a week at home and my kids really love playing on this instrument. I purchased a 6′ 1″ Kawai Rx-7. Thank you for the professional way you handled the purchase of the piano and the professional delivery of my instrument. Thank you for all you have done to make sure the piano was acceptable to me. I would recommend your company to anyone who is considering a piano purchase in the future. Thanks again!!
Dottie B.
Reno, Texas

The piano was perfect and the delivery crew was excellent, however, the final tuning we were promised never happened, but that was the only down side of the entire exchange. Buying a piano sight unseen from the Internet was a gamble, but it was made easy by a clean and very educational website. Thanks for the wonderful experience in purchasing our family heirloom.
John B.

We found our Yamaha C5 was exactly as advertised when it arrived at our home. It gets almost daily use and has been performing fantastically for the two years we have owned it. It was a great value and super service from BHA and the delivery team. I could not be happier. I would buy again from BHA and would recommend them to friends.
Alan M.
Seattle, WA

The Yamaha Conservatory Grand that I purchased from you on line in December 2008 is the best investment I have ever made. It is a like-new piano with a wonderful sound and I spend hours playing it every day. The piano was just as you described. You made the transaction very easy. The delivery and setup took about 15 minutes and I received the piano much sooner than expected. I have recommended your company to several friends and I would be happy to talk with anyone about my experience with your company. Thank you again for my wonderful purchase.
Sherry H.

This testimonial is long overdue, but frankly, after a year and a half, I am still in disbelief and awe. You see, every once in a veeery long while, something comes along that is just too good to be true. BHA Pianos is it. I ordered my dream piano, a Yamaha C-7 – sight unseen, in December 2008. I knew that buying a piano sight unseen was not exactly optimal, but circumstances did not permit me to fly around the country viewing pianos. After talking to probably everyone on the BHA staff, I just had a feeling that they were an old-school business with “good people” that I could count on. A business that stood by its word and valued its customers and reputation. A business that was in it for the long haul. A business that believed in win-win relationships with their customers – not a hit-and-run fly-by-night establishment. I don’t know how I knew, I just did. Very fortunately for me, I took a chance and was correct. Let the record show that I talked to several other piano sales businesses and did not have the same feeling – in fact, I pulled out of another transaction with a different company when things became questionable and excuses started flying.
My baby came to me one evening between Christmas and New Year’s, exactly as described. No, actually much better than described – in fact, the VERY experienced 70-year old piano tuner thought it was a new piano – nope. As far as the movers go – I have had a LOT of piano movers move a lot of my pianos to a lot of houses/apartments I’ve lived in, but these guys were real pros. They were quickly in and out and set this awesome grand piano up exactly where and how I wanted it setup – they really took great care and pride in their work.
Was the transaction perfect – No! Did the transaction proceed flawlessly – No! But, the true measure of a business is how they handle the imperfections – those unanticipated little things – the petty annoyances, the delays, the misunderstandings between the parties. And, without exception, BHA came through like a true champ every single time to make sure that I, the customer, was fully satisfied.
Without reservation, I give BHA my heartiest recommendation to anyone and everyone who is considering buying a piano and wholeheartedly plan on buying my next piano (a Steinway Grand, of course) from BHA.
Today, I have a gorgeous, shiny, ebony piano that sits in the middle of my living room with an unbelievable action and sound. I still cannot believe it, after a year-and-a-half. And, to this day, I have never met any of the BHA staff in person.
One of the real benefits of the Internet is the feedback from customers. Based on my experience, I fully endorse BHA and hope that their business model and their business continues to thrive and serve as an example for others to follow.
Jeff P.
San Antonio, TX

Our new church building had just been completed and we we’re in the market for a new Baby Grand piano to replace our old upright Yamaha. I called several places locally as Houston, Texas is a very large city. I had purchased a new Yamaha Baby Grand for my wife several years ago and was trying to find a similar deal for our church. I was becoming a bit discouraged as the prices for new medium to high quality pianos had gone up substantially over the last 15 years. When I decided to look on line I felt I would find the same thing. I believe it was God’s blessing that allowed me to find BHA Pianos. I couldn’t believe their prices. The sales staff was so helpful and took care of everything including delivery, set up and tuning of our high quality Yamaha C1. Everyone in our congregation loves our piano and visitors think it is brand new because it looks and plays as good as a brand new one at a fraction of what they cost these days. Thank you so much Bob and God bless BHA pianos!

Anthony M., Pastor
Willis, Texas

We bought a Yamaha piano with PianoDisc from BHA. We had it shipped to Houston. The piano was priced much better than anything we could find locally and it exceeded our expectations with regard to condition. The delivery service recommended by BHA was first class. I would recommend to anyone wishing a great deal on a quality piano.
Mark B.

My purchase of a used Yamaha C6 went very smoothly. All the people at BHA were extremely patient and helpful, answering my questions and providing me with additional videos when I was deciding between two pianos. The delivery people were friendly and courteous, and called me several times as the piano made its way to Arizona from Ohio. The piano was as described….nearly mint condition.
This piano was a gift for my wife on our anniversary and BHA helped make it a very special occasion.
The piano tuner that BHA hired contacted me quickly and did a great job getting our piano set up.
It’s been three years since the purchase now and we’re still very happy. I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with BHA again.
Gilbert, AZ

I purchased a 1936 Steinway L two years ago and could not be more pleased with the outcome of that purchase. The purchase was made easier by the financing and delivery facilities offered by BHA. The piano had been rebuilt and the mahogany cabinet refinished. It is a beautiful instrument that everyone compliments upon seeing and hearing it.

-David M.

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