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Ranked as One of the Best Grand Pianos on the Market, the Hallet Davis Signature Series Pianos is one of the best kept secrets in the piano business, ThePianoReview.com rates these pianos in the exclusive Group 3 Category of Upper Quality Consumer Grade Pianos along with the Yamaha CX Series, Kawai GX series and Boston (by Steinway and Sons).  Featured are a Hand Built Wide Tail German Scale Design, German Hammers, German Roslau Strings, Duplex Scale w/Aliquot Bar and a Solid Spruce Soundboard. Premium quality construction and materials create a beautiful sound and excellent value without sacrificing quality which sets the Hallet Davis piano apart.

Wikipedia says “the Hallet Davis Signature Series grand pianos are usually chosen by professionals and advanced amateurs for their leading value in materials and uses the same exact materials as the Steinway and Sons Boston line.”  Thus, the Hallet Davis pianos are considered a “cousin” of the Steinway and Sons family of pianos, using the same materials as the Boston.

If you are looking for a Premium Grade (not promotional grade) grand piano with great performance, world class sound and excellent value, you owe it to yourself to check out the Hallet Davis Signature Series pianos at pianocenter.com.

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