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“Premium grade and Promotional grade” grand pianosare terms initially created by BHA Piano Center years ago but are now used throughout the piano industry.  Premium grade grand pianos include design features not found in cheaper pianos. Included are:

  1. Wide Tail German Design – the wider section in the curved tail section permits a larger soundboard which produces better tones in all tonal ranges.
  2. Aliquot Bar/Duplex Scale – a design feature developed in the late 1800’s which has an additional section of strings in the treble section in addition to the “speaking” strings. This creates additional harmonics and enhanced tonal response.
  3. Wet Cast Plate – (verses Dry Cast) – a method of plate construction which produces a stronger plate and a more stable piano.  Check for a nice “thuddy” tone when striking the metal rail in the bass section of the piano.
  4. Outer and Inner Rim – should be made of Hardrock Maple which creates a more stable piano.  You may need to check the piano specifications to determine construction.  The soundboard is glued to the inner rim and the plate bolts onto that rim. 

When a manufacturer commits to these four items, other elements of the construction will be of premium quality.

Suggestions for checking piano tones.

  1.  Start in the lower bass section with the C (third up from the left), play the key and hold down – listen for a deep resonant sound.  Repeat with additional keys up the keyboard.
  2. Play single notes in the middle tenor section – listen for a rich, lyrical response.
  3. Play single notes in the treble section (middle of the right side of the keyboard) – listen for a clear bell-like response.

Be sure to check out our video  How to Buy a Premium Grade Piano on our website.   pianocenter.com

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